Fieldwork in Madagascar : information for Visiting and Associate Researchers

• Read the research permit carefully: it contains important information you must be fully aware of (e.g. number of duplicates you are allowed to collect, the local administrative offices you need to visit, the deadline for the reports, etc.).

• Each field trip has to include a botanist assistant from a Malagasy institution. Although this is an obligation, most researchers find the participation of this person to be very beneficial. Not only can they help you in the field but also with the preparation for fieldwork, and they will be very helpful as a translator and to explain local customs and practices. You need to cover all fieldwork expenses for this person plus a modest per diem of 30,000 Ariary (ca. 10 Euros).

• If you need some supplies (alcohol, old newspapers, plastic bags, etc.) for your fieldwork, we can provide advice. Please contact Natacha Andriamboavonjy at the MBG office (22 324 82; Note that it is illegal to transport pure alcohol on airplanes.

• Be sure to have all the collecting equipment you need. Some camping equipment is available locally.

• Prior to your departure from Madagascar you must leave a “preliminary report” on your research. This should be written in French and follow the outline required by the Ministry.

• You should send a final report upon the completion of your research. Failure to do this will jeopardize your ability and those of other researchers from your institution to work again in Madagascar.

• It takes about 10 days from the date of request to obtain an export permit for botanical specimens. Living materials cannot be exported. Let us know if you need assistance.

• If specimens cannot be exported prior to your departure, you will need to leave enough funding to allow DHL shipping fees to be paid and to offset MBG staff time to handle all the logistical and administrative details.

• In the field you should pay a courtesy visit to the local office of the Forest Service or MNP and also to the President of each Fokontany where you will be working. During these visits you should explain briefly what you will be doing the leave a photocopy of your research permit. You should always hire a local guide – as a matter of courtesy and security, and to facilitate your work.

• To coordinate rental cars for field trips please contact Natacha Andriamboavonjy.