REGION Atsinanana | COMMUNE Ambalabe | AREA 3117ha | Project Start April 2006 | Protected areas IUCN Cat VI | Decree of creation: 2015 - 754

The Ambalabe site has a forest called "alan'i Vohibe",
it is a management unit belonging to the new protected area
Ankeniheny Zahamena,
with decree N°2015-754 creating the protected area
called "Ankeniheny-Zahamena Corridor"
by government council on Tuesday 28 April 2015.

900 km or 2 days drive from Tana on national highway (RN7 then RN25)
Located 72 km north west of Vatomandry.
Journey to forest: boat up-river for 7-8 hours and 2-3 hour
walk to Commune (Ambalabe) and then 4-5 hour walk to forest (next day).
Accommodation available both in Ambalabe and close to the forest.

To conserve the Vohibe Forest in its current near pristine condition
with the full involvement of local communities.

Low and mid elevation evergreen humid forest.

1- Eleven species of lemur including Varecia variegata,
Propithecus diadema and Indri indri.
2- Diverse avifauna and herpatofauna.
3- More than 800 species of higher plant inventoried
and rich of orchid species (ca 200 species).
4- A rare example of pristine, low elevation evergreen forest.

Forest used as sources of timber, medicinal plant.
Some potential for adventure tourism.

1- Shifting cultivation.
2- Illegal exploitation of timber.
3- Artisanal gold mining.

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